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  • This database supports searching for complete words only. A query for the word "eat" will only return data containing that word, and not data containing "eaten", "eating", etc.
  • Queries can only contain characters from the following set: alphanumeric characters, dash "-", left parenthesis "(", and right parenthesis ")".
  • Boolean operations are supported: "and", "or", and "andnot".
  • Searches on this database are very fast, however the disadvantage is that more complex types of queries are not supported. In particular, if you need to use wildcards, please try the Verity Search below.
  • The results of searching on this database is a list of individual verse numbers. Each number is a link into a chapter from the Qur'an. By clicking onto the link, your browser will be positioned directly on top of that particular verse.
  • An example of a query string is: (kingdom and see) andnot dominion

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