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Words of a Mujahideen Ver.2

The galloping of horses can be heard, here are the soldiers of Allah
Like lions they approach the front line repeating the words ‘Bismillah’

The commander praises Allah and in preparation supplicates to his lord.
The force of beast’s can be felt as he pulls out his brandish steel sword.
Tears trickle down his face and he finally charges forward.

The commander shouts out the words of thakbir thrice ‘Allahu Akbar’ ‘
His voice echoes through the hearts of believers wide and far.

Allah has heard and answered the commanders sincere supplication
For he sends down his angels with green swords in ranks and station

Fear is filled in the disbelievers heart when they see the angels charging,
they see the Angel of death marching, they know that surely death is coming.

The flag of truth is held high ‘La ila ha il lal la Muhammadur Rasulullah’
‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’

Allah has accepted the Mujahideens dua, for true victory is with him alone
They are pleased for a place is preserved for them underneath the throne

These are the men, whose forefathers conquered the Spanish land
Fought side by side with the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) on the Arabian Sand.

These are the men who are warriors by day.
As night approaches they become monks who pray.

These are the men who pray to Allah to guide them to the straight path
So that they do not lead to Allah’s wrath.

May Allah reward the Mujahideen’s in this world and in Heaven
When they Enter the gates of all seven.


Author: Forhad Uddin - UK


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