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White as it was
so long ago
When i came to the world,
so young
White i saw and nothing else
For my days of recollections
had just begun

My hands were numb
My feet had no strength
My body was not mine, to be
White was the world
on which i was laid upon
For white was a part of me

White as her face
Who i called my friend
White were her gifts she gave to me
White i saw and nothing else
White was a friend in me

White were the smiles
As they smiled at me
behind the cage
No doubt, no mercy
The white of their teeth
Picked off my joy
Far off, away from me

And white was the sheet
On which I was laid upon
To lock
This whiteness with me
To my grave
White i saw and nothing else
As the worms
Engraved, & ate me

Author: Sister Sahar


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