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Unknown Stimuli

Tell me what you think
When you meet me
Tell me how you feel
When you see me

Will i be the one
You waited to see?
Am i the one,
You thought i would be?
Since i am the one
And it just has to be me
Tell me what you think of me

Do i look like
The sun or the moon?
Do i look like
Beforenoon or afternoon?
Am i making you smile
Or making you cry
Did i smile at you
Before i said goodbye?
Did it occur to you
I was once like you?
before anything, before i knew

Tell me how you felt
When you went
And shut the door on my face
Tell me what made you get so mad
Was it my heart, just incase...?

You musn't forget
You musn't think in vain
Allah has provided you with a brain
It is so simple to laugh at others
But yet so difficult to smile to your brothers
Tell me what you thought i would do
As i stood there perplexed
Waiting for you
You thought your favour did last for some time
You thoughtless favour, your forgiven crime
May God bless you
I said in rhyme
May God forgive you
With His mercy sublime

Tell me, please explain to me sister
How the guilt felt in your heart
How you cryed at home
After we met
How Allah changed your heart

Tell me, do explain to me sister
How is it that your now so sweet
Sweeter than the honey i taste
Sweeter than the word sweet?

Tell me how you feel now
As you see me
Looking in to my eyes
When you greet me
Tell me please explain to me sister
How is that YOU willed to meet me?

Author: Sister Sahar


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