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United Tears

Lying beneath a blanket of darkness
With only the stars for protection
The orphan child breathes her last
Free now from the corruption

Thousand of miles away
And the same story unfolds
The little Afghani boy
Dies just because of the cold

And with him dies the tear
Travelling down his cheek
Telling his sad story of life
Whilst it is pleasure we seek

As we look around the world
We see the tears dont hold back
They tend to visit all
Young, old, white or black

So when we have so much in common
Why are we yet so seperate
Such pains should unite us
But still we continue to segregate

Thinking we can cope
Alone with our woes
Whilst the poor people of Palestine
Are dealt with deathly blows

The widowed, the Orphaned
Lost child of the Shaheed,
All may have different pains
But together they do grieve

Lifting one anothers burdens
Or simply lending an ear
Thats all that may be needed
To end the United Tears

Author: Sister Hafsah


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