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True love

True love is when a person,
Thinks the world of you,
When your feeling down
a few words from the heart
can make all the difference,
To be there in times,
of happiness and sadness,
True love is when butterflies,
flutter inside of you,
When that special person,
says I love you,
When you look into each others eyes,
You feel lighted headed,
True love is when those special words,
Don’t come out straight away,

When they are near by,
you can feel their presence in your heart,
True love is trust and faith,
When you don’t have to explain,
When life has its ups and downs,
Be there for one another,
When wanting to say something,
But you can’t,
True love is when shown the right way,
That you care,
True love will always be there!


Author: Salma Susiwala - UK


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