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The Repent

I wake up confused

I smell alcohol and fate

I look to see my body undressed

And that I have been raped

I scream but he grabs me

And soon I forget

Why I was screaming at all

My life I want to live

There's blood on the floor

I'm lying on a bed

He put something in my food

I'm not in my own head

I notice a clock, stop, think

And realize it's Prayer Time

I do not think he'll let me

It's a religion of only mine

I think, "how will I tell him

He will never see"

But I have to say I tried

Or Allah will not forgive me

I say "Excuse me mister

But at this time I must

Put my hijab on, cover myself

and Pray to Allah above"

My eyes clenched tight, wishing,

Then I hear him say

"Allah fogive me please

For what I've done today"

He cries, "please, oh please

Forgive me and my son

I ask for Your forgiveness

I believe that You are One"

Over and over

He says in his du'aa

"Yeillah show Your mercy

And always SubhanAllah"


Author: Sister Khadija - USA


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