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The Preacher

I shall listen to your soul
As the shore listens to the story of the sea
I shall count each second that may tick by
Each hour that you spend with me
I shall treasure your words with jewels and scents
And never underestimate your plea
I shall show you beauty your health may bring
And seal your thoughts in my thoughts
An outcome you may have never seen

I shall listen very quietly, with my eyes on your lips
Each thought that arise in me
I shall catch and never let go
Will never ever let go of me

I shall present my smile
With love and affliction
A gift for you from me
And hold tight your hands with pure sincerity
When you need a piece of me

I shall wait and wait
For the time to come
When you will clasp the light in you hands
And know that you have got it
Got hold of the message of thee

I shall cry on the day
On your account for making this world
Worth the light of moon and the stars for me
I shall see the moon and stars if my lord so wills
Only if you ask me


Author: Sister Sahar


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