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The Cage

Written after hearing the inspirational speech of an ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee speak at a conference in Blackburn (2006)

I saw the cage, the memories hidden behind those eyes
Haunting the soul and the pained mind inside
Juat waiting to be unleashed, the dark days and the gloom
The horrors once held within, that tiny hidden room

Maybe out of sight, but never out of mind
He's a captive of the unjustice and the rusty chains that bind
His body may be free but can he be free from those days?
The candle gives light to others whilst slowly dying away...

He'll tell you of his story, the flower that survived the storm
But will others see the fragility? The gaping absence of calm
Can he extract the times of terror and leave them far behind
Or will he wear the mark of a captive, to haunt him and to remind...


Like the petal-less unfragrant flower in the midst of a storm
Being attacked by the winds, unable to lament or moan

Like a brave soldier at war, enduring the onslaught
But you forget the solitary wave, is able to rock a boat

The fiery flame can give light the the ones who seak
The lost traveller alone on the mountain peak

The star devoid of any light canot guide the way
But the little Iman we have can light a darkened day...

...Can cast away the storms, our weapon is Du'aa
Remember we always have the power, to ask from Allah


So my dear brother...
Experiences are what mould the soul
I pray Allah has made you
Strong enough to endure life's falls

Author: Sister Hafsah


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