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Silent tomorrow
| I'm silent today
I've been silent since ever
Never cared for all that came my way

My brother needed some guidance
Lil sis, needed help in speech
To defend her faith and religion
But I loosened no words to preach

Dear father
| Wanted a daughter,
Who would aid the human race.
The smile, he was after
Never really formed on his face…

Will be silent tomorrow
Still silent today
Been silent since ever
No deeds to collect on my way

She's mute
Said my mother
Never let's go of a word from her lips
Gift of mine is speechless cried my mother
So useless of form, just bones and skin

Silent, I'm silent

It is my name and shall always be
I'm silent, oh mother
That's me, why don't you see…?

And I will be silent tomorrow
Stay silent today
I've been silent since ever
Why don't you join me on my way?

My brother
Got murdered on my right
My sister
Tortured on my left
My mother
Needed some light
Make use of her sight before her death

Should I be silent tomorrow?
Shall I stay silent today?
I've been silent since ever
That's why I've lost all that I had this way…


Author: Sister Sahar


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