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Reluctant Bride

It should be the happiest day of her life
When she becomes someones wife
Dressed in red
Bride to be
For everyone to compliment and see

She looks so sad
Despite the make up
She looks condemned
Eyes so far away in a distant place
As if shes attending her own funeral

She is so lovely
Pretty, smart and educated

But sadly
Arranged to marry a stranger
By her father
Than a man of her choice
She is from the Liberal west
But she has no voice

Family in the past they are still stuck
Deals are struck
Land and money is traded
Sons and daughters sold into virtual slavery
The curse of the red passport
Claims another innocent victim

Culture clash
Recipe for disaster
Women who dont obey the master
Get mentally abused and physically bashed
Divorce not an option
Family honour maintained at any cost

Suicidal thoughts
Overdose on pills
The sad reality
Most think it
Few could go through with it

Kids come in quick succession
Divorce option
Severely restricted
No way out
Accept your fate
Learn to live with it

Old before your time
Education and talent wasted
Not appreciated or respected

Total defeat and surrender
I respect you for compliance
And respecting your parents wishes
Most choose love over arranged
Must be deranged
Divorce and adultery stats are worse
Marriage seems like a curse

Keep on praying for strength and resolve
Only Allah can help
And send a saviour
To rescue and save you
The Reluctant bride

Author: Showkat Ali


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