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(may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

So soft the fragrance of thy mood
So human in nature, so smooth
...But i am not like thee
Oh how i really wish to be...

And still as the train that waits for none
As light invades and brings the sun
Yours i've seen
The patience in deen
...But i am not like thee
Really, i really wish to be...

Will it come, your sweetest gift?
Huda, the guidance to uplift?
The curtains the veil of Iman?
And push my heart toward Islam?
...Will i ever see your face?
And your word so full of grace?
Yours is the smile i wish to see...
...Oh how i wish to be like thee

Every touch of thy hand you placed
On the earthy spheres of life
Healed the blots of sin
And mended the cuts to strife
Oh how i wish i could embrace
Every deed for human race
You lived to revive
To bring the lost, disturbed alive
Oh i am not like thee
But i really really wish to be......

Author: Sister Sahar


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