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My Mom

When i need the courage to walk the right way,
My mom showers me with love night and day,
When i turn away to wipe my tears,
she is always there,
When i am feeling sad or down,
My mom teaches me how to be strong,
When I laugh to me hearts content,
My laughter bring joy to every extent,
When I say something to hurt her feelings,
She would be sad without revealing,
When I ask her to forgive me,
Her smile never leaves,
When I have something to say,
My mom will never turn away,
When my hopes and dreams seem to shatter,
My mom is always there to make me feel better,
As I walk down the path of life,
My mom shows me through her guiding light,
I love and cherish her everyday,
My mom feels the same way!


Author: Salma Susiwala - UK


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