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My Jihad For Allah Al-Ahad

Puddles of mud

Drop from the sky

The only thing I wanna know

Is how I got this high

My nose is bleeding

I can't understand why

There's blood everywhere

Did they take these lives?

My body is half naked

The only people who are screaming

Is those not dead on the floor

They're still breathing

Inside I'm screaming

No where is there help

I want to help others

But I can't help myself

I want to move my body

But I can't move a muscle

I feel paralized

I am loosing sight now

They come into the room

I have no idea where from

They said "You have two decisions

One really smart, the other pretty dumb."

They tell me they are Atheist

And I have to deny God

They tell me I can live another day

If I deny Allah

They only thing to cross my mind

Is but just one

I say aloud

"La Ilaha Illallah, I believe Allah is One."

That's when I knew it was over

I knew my life was done

They put it to my head

Then pulled the trigger to the gun


Author: Sister Khadija - USA


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