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Muhammad ibn Abdullah

I remember how the sky,
the sun and the clouds,
vowed to God in deference upon
that day of the birth of an exalted being;
To be the connecting link between him and God, vowed the sky,
To provide him warmth even the moon sets in, promised the sun,
To shield him from the heat of the sun when it gets too hot, pledged the clouds,

Smiles, claps, cheers and laughter,
The repertoire just seems to persist in my ears,
ringing... rustling ever morbidly,
Abu Lahab..
With those hands that had attempted to kill him,
Had raised him to honour that enlightened child,
But why then?
Did you end up in wreckage, accursed by God?

When one day the angel descended from heaven,
Embracing him tight so that he recites;
There, in the Cave of Hira'...
I thought I heard those words that echoed
"I do not know how to read!" again and again,
The walls could not have been deceitful,
to have imitate those words,
In the end it was myself repeating them unconsciously, silently...

People, the one who disputed our gods
was Al-Ameen!
The most truthful man amongst us,
Should we belie him of his prophecy?
Why had he chosen to lie now?
Or is it that he is telling the truth,
of this one God- Allah?
Should we believe his monotheism tidings?
But he is merely a man of no wealth?
He is nothing but a liar!

Say oh humans, Allah is the creator of the
Skies and the earth,
La ilaha illallah…
And Muhammad is His messenger,
Who is but a reminder to those who ponders
And understands,
Who ask for no reward except mercy from God,
Who taught us the meaning of life;
It is not wealth, not status or being famous,
Come, come… he always says;
Allah is all Compassionate and Forgiving,
But the devil beckons them back to darkness,
So which direction are we averting to?

Spread not he taught us tyranny,
For he is the source of every love that sprouts,
“Betray not the one who betrays thy...”
Yes, I listen and I obey,

The one who enlightened the darkened world,
The one who lived and loved people of every kind;
Rich or poor; black or white; strong or weak,
The one who taught the people the might of patience,
Say, how could a shepherd bear this responsibility?
Oh, have you not tried to comprehend about this man?
The man whose name is Muhammad Ibn Abdullah…?

Author: Fad-Chan Abdul Halid - Singapore


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