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Life is a Gift

The sun rises the sun sets,
Each day different to the next,
The wind blows unexpectedly,
In every direction high and low,
On a rainy day everything is gloom,
Out of nowhere a rainbow appears,
A child is born every day,
Bringing it’s fortune into this World,
Dreamers dream while awake,
Dream a little extra while asleep,
Jump into a hole with eyes closed,
To realize that there is
nothing but hurt and pain,
Day turns into night,
Nights turn into hope for the next day,
Truth from within is never taken,
Hope will always last,
Hearts will break and mend,
Happiness oversees everything,
To stand alone in a nightmare,
Be free to dream,
Having good intentions,
Makes life worth living,
For every moment that has been missed,
Keep hold of the ones that are already there,
Never give up no matter how bad things are,
Only remember life is a gift!


Author: Salma Susiwala - UK


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