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I Still Remember

I still remember
How I called your name
I do remember
How I left in shame

So much of sorrow
Had filled my heart
Still there, tomorrow
And that was only the start

Impulsive veins
Just could not stop
To curse the one
& Let the matters drop

White lipped, eyes empty
So much on my mind
Will there be tomorrow?
To drag the rope and let the curtains hide

Conceal the arrogant
Self of mine
I weep, but no response
My Golden period declined

So much for the happiness
I once called peace
So much for the tears
There is no rest now, no cease

I want tomorrow
So long is this day
My scares just reformed
There is no end no way…

Bear with me
I have no life, no place
I feel just too lonely
Can't you tell from my face?

Regrets, My God the regrets
Are driving me insane
Oh Lord! Have mercy…
The answer you see, so plain

Complete this message
Tomorrow's coming your way
If not then just remember
You only have today…

Author: Sister Sahar


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