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In the name of Allah

The day light as it approached my bed
I opened my eyes and as i said
Alhamdulillahillazee ahyana ba'dama amatana wa eelayhinnushuur
Paise be to Allah who gave us life after giving us death and to Him is
the return(of all)

I knelt to my lord in supplication
To Him is all my consideration
To Him my life i owe
To Him i feel ready to give my wrecked soul

My years were lifeless
A walking dead i was
Untill i found His words
It affected me deeply only because
Peaceful in years i hardly ever was
He showed me His way
Showed me His love
As i started to pray
I never felt like i feel today
To Him belongs our thankfullness till this day

From my faith rose the friuts of sincererity
From the fruits the seeds of morality
Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakil Alallahee tawakkalna
'Allah is sufficient for us and a great Disposer of affairs is He.
Upon Allah de we rely'
Most praised he should be
For Him we should die.

I walked on the earth like a traveller in the dark
Only i did not see the darkness but a heart touching spark
Bismillahi tawakkaltu alallah.
Wa la hawla wa la quwwata Illa Billah.
'In the name of Allah, i have placed my trust in Allah;
there is no power (to do good) or might (to resist evil) except with Allah.'


Author: Sister Sahar


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