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Hell, Hell, Hell, a place some people go after we die.

A place extremely deeper than a well.

Where people will be suffering,
and no one will be forgiven, not even a king.


Hell will be filled with fire.
It’s a place that people don’t want to require.

Hell, a place that will be filled with burning flames.
This is very serious; it’s not a game.

Heads or tails, Paradise or Hell, Gods decision.

Hell, a place where they will burn,
but it won’t help if they toss and churn.

No “The End” for the punishment.

Hell, a place where people don’t want to seek protection.
A place where there will be no salvation.

A place where they’ll be bitten by the most poisonous snakes,
It’s going to be on the people’s list of hates.

No boundaries for the punishments.

A place where they will tremble with fear,
and no one can help them, no matter how dear.

A place where sinners go when their proven guilty,
it’s going to be a vicious place to serve their penalty.

Hell, Hell, Hell, a place some people go after we die.

O'Allah, save us from the whispers of Shaitan and save us from the punishments of Hell

Author: Taha Siddiqi - USA


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