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Dream green, yellow, & blue,
Peace & tranquilly to the heart,
A beautiful house,
laughter & happiness,
Dream happiness & safety,
No one can take away,
Dream love & trust,
that flies in the air,
Tears & fears,
always seem to appear,
Dream the deep blue sea,
that is everlasting,
A special person that
would always love & cherish,
Dream loving moments,
holding them close to the heart,
dream everyday being so beautiful,
Birds flying in the air,
never wanting to come down,
Dream smile & laughter so carefree,
Respect & dignity stand proud & tall,
Always believe in what you are,
Dream children playing cheerfully,
not a care in the world,
Have faith within to be confident & strong,
Never looking back,
Dream a life of happiness,
don’t be sad,
When good at heart,
dreams will always come true!

Author: Salma Susiwala - UK


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