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Day by Day

Day by day
Time passes me by
Seems to fly
Where you off to you? Why?
Sit down smile.
Cotch for a while
Don’t be dumb
It aint no harm

Chilling with my boys
Killing time that aint yours
Ifs that’s what I wanna do
What’s it to you?
No cares, no worries, no time
No time, no worries, no cares
What’s mine is mine
And what theirs is theirs

Upstairs, downstairs, ground floor, no stairs
How you gonna make it
If you don’t take it
Seize it
Launch it
Jump it
Don’t look back
Just make it
Should I
Could I
Would I

Time drives by
Run me over one more time
I won’t scream
Dream on dream
Lost last week, last month, lost year
1day 2day 3day
May I say?
Today is just like another yesterday

No more sleepy,
No more drowsy,
No more lazy,
No more lousy,
Up and running
Keep it coming
History is history is Destiny
What was and what will be
Already written down for me
Dr title on credit card
Today start studying Hard

Indeed the signs of Allah are in your own selves

So get those books off those shelves
Preparing properly for the test
If not then expect the worst

Plant the seeds of sin
Expect everything else but to win
Good deeds make Good seeds
Prefer Righteousness and piety
Paradise prepared absolutely perfectly
No eye has ever seen
No ear has ever heard
And No mind can ever imagine

Night time you get a ring at the door
The times 4:00
Looks like guy from next door
Get that? Sure
I aint seen you before
“I expected you won’t expect me”
Feel the sinking feeling of reality

Angel of death - obeys strict commands
Watch at death - what he does with his hands
Your soul is going going… gone
This soulless selfless worthless body
Understand time -
Don’t wait for nobody
No excuses, so stop defending
You know well, how will be your ending
You had your chance, so stop pretending
Then, who will hear you cry “let me go back please!”
“Oh! All the missed opportunities!”

Author: Khaledur Rahman - UK


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