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Colours of Life

Red unopened rose doth reveal

None the less what is concealed

If forced open it will die

Words within, may remain sealed

Before any soul hears it cry

Blue deprived forgotten lost

Gathered against the lonesome frost

Lying on thy window sill

Fighting the airs grim black chill

Black sinister eyes closed

Standing on two feet yet dozed

Pretending death before its knock

Waiting for the final ticking tock

Turquoise traveling on a silent road

Carrying life's stock load

Dropping things finding new

Leaving treasure for dusty few

White dawn drawn dreams awaken

Real life over the night forsaken

Dreams may bring thou happiness, besides

Will it bring ease to thy heart thou hide?

Yellow sun smiling brings the light

To these stained dark eyes full of fright

Guided with the wisdom of thy Lord

Glisten in the pages, the unseen chord

Mr. Green once saw a dusty scene

Thought it was the dustiest thing he'd seen

Poor Green knows not he will turn to dust

Beneath the dusty earth's crust

Violet flowers lined ahead

Beauty seen, but no more said

That's because he could not trust

The beauty seen, was to attract must

Orange rays against the sky

Touches the sun and then turns to fly

Horror brings it back again

To the dust, he left while sane


Author: Sister Sahar


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