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Caged Bird

Will the misery continue till I cease to exist...?
When the angel comes will I want to resist...?
It's only for Allah that I really persist...

This life...
It gives no proper direction
It offers no protection
Just one lonely soul y'all
Roaming in the darkness
We need someone to guide the way
Someone to offer kindness

Dont want to spend my days wrapped up in worldly plays
Yet I dont want isolation, no matter want anybody says

Want to feel contentment in the things that I do
Want to feel they're worthwhile; want to get my due

Dont care if its now or in the hereafter
Because I know where I wanna go, it's to the Creator

But whilst I'm in this Sijn, I need somewhere to spread my wings
Away from the contaminated life we breathe, I need my soul to feel at ease

Dont want to be soaking opression with each lungful of air
Dont need the barbaric torture, I know for sure its there

So do you believe me when I say, this life offers to protection?
Its misery upon misery, corruption upon corruption
Unfortunately we have nothing, with which to cancel them out
No mercy, no compassion, just enmity and doubt

I feel like a caged bird but I think I'm ready to fly
Need the wind under my wings, need to see life passing by

But I dont want to be part of that desired 'essential beauty'
The mansion, the Porsche, the plasma screen TV

I need simple simplicity, not lavish luxury
Just me and my wings for when my Lord calls for me

Author: Sister Hafsah


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