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Brother taking wrong turn

The war against us goes on,
Every sign was written in the Quran

The leaders of the world are corrupted,
The followers do as their instructed.

Tryna make Muslims look bad,
young brothers dying in Jihad.

How could it be he started off as a young boy clean,
Got in with the wrong crowd who took religion to the extreme!

They aint Muslims who believe blowing up innocent people is right,
Believing that’s what Allah wanted, brother see the light!

Brother your so young, you have so much to learn,
4 years in university and in the end you took the wrong turn!

You’ve left this world, and took many innocent lives with you,
But little do you know what your actions have turned into.

One extremist blows up a plane,
Its obvious we all get the blame!

Everywhere you go, they stare,
calling us terrorist, how’s that fair?!

Sisters terrorised for wearing the hijab,
Their mission continues to ban the Niqab.

All the signs are leading to one thing,
Followers of the Dajjal who think they’ll win.

Time is so sort and flying by,
Worship your Lord, for He is Most High.

Save Us O Allah from the punishments of the grave,
Awaiting your judgement, where in full, we will be paid.

The major signs of al-akhira are the clearest they’ve been,
Don’t let the kafirs of this world destroy your deen.

They know Islam is a religion of mystery,
The coming of Isa will bring us victory!

Author: Laila Khan


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