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Beautiful Moments

A beginning of new a life,
Happiness is everywhere,
Never be sad,
Always be happy,
Where there is darkness,
There is always a ray of light,
Don’t be afraid of the coming days,
Share every beautiful moments,
With the ones you care,
Never let go hold on tight,
Pray for yourself and others,
Look forward to the future,
Never look back,
Live life to the full,
stand proud and tall,
Keep the ones you love,
Close to the heart,
Hearts are broken,
To be mended again,
Fight for what you believe in,
Always be happy and true,
Everyday is a new beginning,
Take it as it comes,
Beautiful moments are very rare,
And won’t come back,
Seasons come and go,
True love and happiness,
Never fades away,
Believe in destiny,
And the meaning of life,
Love yourself and others,
Never feel alone,
Have pride and dignity,
Walk through the right path,
Never forget the way,
Keep intentions clear,
Things will come easier,
Always remember who you are!

Author: Salma Susiwala - UK


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