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A Thorny Path

Caught up, getting torn up
In this confusing web of life
Can see it tangle, see it snare
But from within I see the prize

So which thread to unravel
Which road to follow
Happiness lies somewhere between
But which path will lead to tomorrow

I feel like the raindrop...
It falls sparkling and true
But its destination is only known
When meeting with the morning dew

The rest of life is a mystery
Written partly by our dreams
Whether our desires will get us there...
Or fall somewhere in between...

That knowledge lies with Allah alone
So we must have faith, and believe in the work of our Lord
Because we may struggle and we may strive
But success ultimately is decided up high...

...In the heavens, with Allah
Lord of the Throne
So most importantly we must pray
For Jannah to be our home

:: Insha'Allah ::

Author: Sister Hafsah


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