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A Shaken Victim

The still white faces
Each night that I see
Their whispers awoke
My death in me

Black cloaks, wrinkled lips, red eyes
Glared at me
Those silent streets at night
Lost me

As the dawn approached
Their murmurs evacuated
Got closer to my soul
My body invaded

The stillness of the earth
Reached my being
Calculated victims cried out
Still reaching the earth
To break their cries
With all that they had
Is now all gone in the still earth
Shaken lives of the few who brought death
Before some time they had been merrieth

So many that I loved
So many I love
Those who made my days
And my day nights
As I slept so well
When all was with me
My only daughter within my arms
Within my reach
So small and her tiny hands
Against my neck

Where is my family?
Who haunt me each night
Their still white faces
Is a horrific sight
When they circle around me
Murmuring their secrets
My secrets inside me
As they haunt my food
And my clothing, my house
They have encircled the house
My house only visible to my eyes
For all well know, minds do not die
We can think, can sense
Can feel, and reveal
All lost- regain it through our memories concealed

The still white faces each night that I see
Their love awoke my death in me

For my tears keep flowing
Down my dried scared face
To the hour I give my love
To the love I embrace

I give the hour to the healer
The knowledge concealer
Who knows me, who clothes me
With the clothes of a believer
Who aids me unlike
The bloodthirsty deceiver

The still white faces each night that I see
Their aid awoke my death in me

Green clothes, smiling lips, brown eyes
Looked upon me
The blissful garden
Finally found me


Author: Sahar Syed


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