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The Year of the Elephant

The city of Makkah was in chaos. As Abraha, the king of Yemen marched his way towards the holy city, the Arabs of Makkah fled to the mountains to protect themselves from the army of Abraha. Abraha with his army of men and elephants came with the intention of destroying the ka’bah. But the house had an owner who was sure to protect it. Abraha failed miserably in his mission and met his fate. The year came to be known as the ‘year of the elephants’.

In a house not too far away a widowed women named Aminah was being served by her 12 year old African slave named Barakah. It was the 12th Rabi al awwal a child was born. No sooner was the child born a bright light appeared in the middle of the room in which Aminah said’ I could see the castles of Syria ’. This was not the only miracle that took place that day. 14 balconies of kisrah of Persia suddenly collapsed. Fire which was been worshipped for 1000 years, extinguished. A Jewish man from Madinah saw a bright star appear in the sky. The jinns found the heaven was closely guarded than ever. Later on Aminah said to the Bedouin Halima that’ I never needed to use any candles or lamp to light the room up as this child had so much noor(light) in him. He was Muhammad(s).

Written by: Masuda Begum



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