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Ramadan Story

“Yummy” said Rahima “I can smell Mummy cooking”. Rahima woke up in the middle of the night. It was the month of Ramadan and Rahima was very excited. Grandma told her that in the month of Ramadan Allah forgives people when they do good actions.

Rahima’s sister Sumaya woke up sleepily. They washed their face and mouth and went downstairs. Mummy gave them different types of food to eat.

“Remember girls you get a lot of reward when you get up in the middle of the night and eat. This time is called suhoor”

At school Miss Zulfa told them that Ramadan is a month when the evil Shaytaan is locked up. He makes people do so much bad things like steal, lie and fight.

“And he makes people talk bad things about others” said Masum

“That’s right” said Miss Zulfa “Well done Masum”

Miss Zulfa said that in Ramadan people are doing a lot of things. There are people in the Mosque praying and reading the Quran.

“People want to do a lot of good things” she said

“Why?” asked Iqra Anjum

“So they can get a lot of rewards from Allah” Allah promised he will give rewards to those who do well.

“What kind of things can we do?” asked Rahima

“We can help our Mummy and Daddy at home” said Miss Zulfa “We can read Islamic books and play Islamic games to learn more about Islam. There is so much we can do”

Everyone was thinking what they can do. They all had different ideas in mind.

“We also remember poor people and give money, food and clothes to them. Allah told us to give Zakah and Sadaqa”

“Is that charity?” asked Rahima

“Yes Mashallah” said Miss Zulfa “Inshallah it will help the people who really need it and make everybody happy”

“I know some charities” said Rahima “My Daddy works for some”

Miss Zulfa smiled at her “We should help them as much as we can”

In this month the holy Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad (s). He was in a cave when a special angel called Jibrail came and told him to ‘read’.

“Miss” said Anas putting his hands up “My Mummy told me something about if…ifth…”

“Iftar” said Miss Zulfa “That’s when we break our fast at sunset before it becomes very dark, you should eat food at that time but not too much or else you may burst” everyone started to laugh.

Miss Zulfa told them that at night time people pray a special prayer called Tarawih. All mosques do this which is 20 rakah.

“That’s so long” said Imran “I’ll be tired”

“Don’t worry” said Miss Zulfa “Allah will reward us all. Young people do not have to pray it, but it is a great Sunnah”

Rahima prayed secretly to Allah. She wanted to get a lot of rewards from Allah by doing good. Maybe I could help Mummy at home in the kitchen and help Daddy clean up the garage.

Written by: Mujibur Rahman



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