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Laylatul Qadr and I'tikaf

Khadijah woke up in the middle of the night. She could hear someone reading Quran in the living room. Slowly she walked in the dark. Khadijah picked up her cat, Sandy , and opened the living room door.

Mummy was sitting on the prayer mat reading the Quran. Khadijah’s older sister Wahida was also besides her mummy praying.

“Mummy what are you doing?” she asked

“Don’t you know what night it is?” Wahida asked her. Khadijah shook her head. Wahida told her to come and sit on the floor.

“Here have some milk and dates” said Wahida giving them to Khadijah.

“Tonight” started Mummy “Is Laylatul Qadr” Khadijah didn’t understand Arabic.

“It means night of power” said Mummy “Allah has said that the night is better than a thousand months”

“Wow!” said Khadijah drinking the milk

“It is on the Surah called Surah Al Qadr” said Wahida

“Oh” said Khadijah “I memorised that Surah at Maktab”

“Mashallah” said Mummy and Wahida together

“Tell me more please” said Khadijah

“Well Khadijah” said Mummy “The Prophet Muhammad (s) said that we should look for the night of power on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th of Ramadan”.

“And tonight is one of the night” said Wahida

“So we should try and pray on all the nights” said Mummy “And in a Hadith it was said that ‘whoever stands (in prayer) with Iman with hope of reward all his previous sins are forgiven’”

Khadijah’s mouth was wide open. This sounded wonderful.

“Than why did Daddy go to the Mosque to stay?” Khadijah asked

“He is doing something called I’tikaf” said Mummy “This is when men and sometimes women go to the Mosque and stay for ten nights performing prayers, zikr, reading Quran and other things. He will come back when the moon is sighted for Eid”

Khadijah made a dua “Oh Allah we thank you for this beautiful month, Amin”

Written by: Mujibur Rahman



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