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Glimpses of Paradise
In regards to the length of heaven, it is mentioned that the space, which
even the lowest member of the heaven will get in Paradise, will be equal
to ten times the area of the world. Imagine the space allowed in the highest
level of Paradise (Jannah).

There is a tree in heaven whose shadow spreads so far and wide, that a
rider would travel on for a hundred years and yet would not cross the
extent of that tree.

Heaven consists of a HUNDRED levels. Between each two levels
there is a distance equal to the space between the sky and the earth. Firdaws
is the name of the top most level of Heaven. Above it is the abode of
Allah. Whenever asking anything from Allah, we should ask for Jannat-
ul-Firdaws (admittance into the highest abode of heaven just below the
Throne of the Almighty). Each faithful shall have a tent made of a pearl; its
length will be sixty miles. The abode of Paradise shall be built of bricks of
gold and silver. And who shall ever enter this mansion will live in peace and
comfort.That person will never know death, nor will his dress wear off,
nor his youth ever wither.

The greatest pleasure that a person can have in heaven is to meet his
creator, Allah. Such will be the estate of even the lowliest heavenly person.
Allah will ask this person "What does thou want?" and the person shall be
granted double of what he/she desires.

[Note: Majority of the bounties of Jannah, mentioned in this excerpt, could be found in the Hadiths mentioned in "Riyadh-as-Saaliheen", Chapter 229: 'Bounties of Paradise' by Imam An-Nawawi.]

[Taken from "The spectacle of Death, including glimpses of Life beyond the Grave" by Khawaja Muhammad Islam]



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